Unreal Engine Training & Education

The Frameboxx 2.0 boasts a high profile and well-versed knowledge pool of Unreal Engine and its workings, and our distinguished faculty members are here to impart cutting-edge knowledge on various use cases of Unreal Engine across sectors as diverse as AEC, Game Design, and Virtual Production.

The Unreal Engine Training Hub at The Frameboxx 2.0 was born as a need for companies to find qualified professionals and Unreal Engine experts with knowledge and experience in project management methodologies. It is created by the manifest need of the companies that work with the Unreal engine, as well as Epic Games itself, to get competent and trained professionals in the area of real-time technology, video games, AEC, virtual production, and VFX.

At The Frameboxx 2.0, we are committed to training the best professionals and providing the necessary skills to function in a highly competitive job market. You will find official content from Epic Games as well as courses developed by our experts and Authorized Instructors by Epic Games.


Suman is a known name in VFX & Post-Production industry. He has 19+ years of combined experience of industry and training. Being an immensely talented VFX artist, he is also a great team player. He is able to deliver high-end vfx, match moving training, game environment design, motion graphics, music videos.

He worked with many respected post production houses including reliance media works, deluxe entertainment, Gujarat Govt. Contiloe pictures pvt ltd and more. He has also worked as a freelancer in OTT platform and commercial ad. Like Ved, Dhamaka, Rocket boy, Dhaakad, Garuda, Taj, Motorola, Royal enfield ad, Lux cozi ad and more. He is passionate about teaching students and committed to the achievement of his students. He has successfully trained more than 4000+ students in visual effects.

His latest achievement is, he is now officially an Authorized trainer of Unreal Engine from Epic Games.

1. Introduction to Unreal3 Hours x 1
2. Material Essentials : PBR Workflow3 Hours x 2
3. Blueprint Essentials: Visual Scripting3 Hours x 2
4. Blueprint Intermediate: Procedural Content Creation3 Hours x1
5. Blueprint Communications : Interactions3 Hours x 1
6. Sequencer Essentials : Cinematics3 Hours x1
7. Lighting Essentials : Realtime Lighting Techniques3 Hours x2
8. Level Design : Worldbuilding3 Hours x1
9. UMG Essentials : Motion Graphics, Menus, HUDs3 Hours x1
10. Asset Import Pipeline : FBX, DataSmith3 Hours x1
11. VFX Essentials : Introduction to Niagara3 Hours x2
12. Optimization Essentials : Performance and Profiling3 Hours x1


Course Start Date: 3rd April, Monday, 2023 (New batch will be commenced on 3rd of every consecutive month)