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During the program, you will develop an in-depth understanding of the tools and techniques which are used in Animation, VFX, Graphics and Web Design.

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Three various programs teaches you complete Production Pipeline. You will develop vast knowledge and practicalities.

Rigging & Animation
FX / Dynamics

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Refine aesthetic and technical skills.
Master industry-standard CHF techniques.
Handle entire shots independently, from modeling to animation.
Manipulate 3D models and textures effectively.
Optimize scenes for maximum impact.
Create various simulations like fluids, explosions, weather, and more.

This program focuses on creating Digital Video and Mobile Games. It makes you ready as an overall Gaming Artist.

We provide an internship at leading Gaming Studios – Lakshya Digital and CrazyLabs.

This program focuses on teaching Graphic Designing for Broadcast mediums and Social Media Channels.

It is used in various verticals of Media & Entertainment industries, from print to digital.

Our Motion Graphics Master Program covers the basics of motion graphics, software skills with industry-standard tools, advanced techniques including complex workflows and 3D motion graphics, and project-based learning for practical application and portfolio development.

Web Designing: Backend dev, coding, DB management, automation, security, responsive layout, CMS, project planning.

Complete website design.
Critical functions to handle all online processes.
Graphics creation as per client requirement.
UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience).
Required back-end coding for smooth functioning of website.

Essentials of 2D and 3D graphic creation
Optimizing 2D and 3D assets
Essentials of environment creation
2 Character and Avatar creation
Creating engaging digital interactions
Publishing your first Metaverse

All important jargon of the VR and related technologies
Creation and optimization of2D and 3D assets with VR perspective
Essentials of Storyboarding
Rigging and Animation in VR
VR Application building
Creating a Framework in Unity
Building a Standalone Application

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Great Support Team

frameboxx 2.0 has some of the best facilities to grow your VFX, ANimation, graphic and way much more. With experienced faculty and alumni, this is the best destination for its field in mumbai.

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Gautham Prasobh

Very amazing

My friends and I had an amazing experience with Frameboxx at the KC College IT department fest Systematic Chaos. The VR game sport scramble and beat saber was phenomenal! We were completely immersed in the game, and it was unlike anything we had experienced before. We definitely want to learn more about this, because it was so much fun!

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chaitanya shirke

Excellent Service

Our very recent KC College IT Fest Systematic Chaos had a bunch of VR
Games, which were made possible by Frameboxxx! An awesome and reputated Institution for learning VFX & Gaming for the students aspiring Animation

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soham kelkar

I am enrolled for B.Sc. course at Farmeboxx. It recently shifted to this place and as the name suggests Frameboxx 2.0, it’s really an awesome upgrade.
All the system are upgraded and using the latest hardware. Workshops are being conducted by industries professional on regular basis.


mohd altamash


Frameboxx Surat

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